How many times have you jumped on the gram for a mindless scroll and by the time you’ve closed the app questioned your worth, your looks and your abilities?

It’s so easy to look at someone else’s highlight reel and compare it to your ‘all day every day’. But that’s all it is; a snapshot in time of a particular second in that person’s life. They may have been paid to take that pic. They may have spent every penny they have on that pic in the hopes it leads to more. They also may have worked super hard to achieve a certain level of success which they’re keen to showcase.

Or they may just be one of the wanky Rich Kids of Instagram showing off to try and make you feel jealous 🙃

Whatever the reason, please believe none of this has any reflection on you or who you are.

It’s easy to look at what others have and what they’re doing and use it as a comparison tool, but if there’s anything I’ve learnt in the last 32 years, it’s that unless you have lived through completely identical circumstances as another human being than you can’t both reach the same outcomes at the same time.

Social media is a place where a majority of people only share when they’ve got something positive to say. That’s why most people don’t post everyday. Those that do post on a daily or regular basis, ever noticed they batch their content and will use images from the same photoshoot at different intervals? Because every day isn’t gram-worthy for any of us!!

A few years back I realised I wasn’t enjoying social media any more and decided to make a few changes.

The first thing I did was go on a mass deleting spree!! I realised that if I saw your posts and wasn’t ever ‘liking’ or engaging with any of them, it was probably pretty pointless us being connected! Either you were draining my energy, making me question my self-worth, I didn’t connect with your content or I just didn’t actually like you that much! So…they went! And like that, my timelines became a hell of a lot more bearable!

The people I wanted to see more of were now showing up in my feed and the content was actually interesting!!

Then I started following accounts that actually add value to my life! Whether these were individuals, brands or just general positivity hubs, I had them all over my timeline! I’m a sucker for a positive, empowering quote and an even bigger sucker for memes so these are absolute necessities for me! I don’t really follow any celebs and any influencers I do follow actually have a message to share and aren’t just tryna flog me some dead products.

I also use social media as a place to connect with like-minded people. As you get older, your interests change and vary, and it’s nice to find people who are into the same things as you.

I’ve recently started taking my health and fitness a bit more seriously and had been invited to a group on FB one of my connections had created as a place to share and inspire others. I’m now in that group daily keeping myself accountable, seeing how others are navigating their fitness journeys and just having people to share my little wins with! I have never met any of these people before but they’re all congratulating me when I hit a milestone and I’m enjoying learning from them.

There will always be over-opinionated trolls who slip through the net but embrace the delete and block functions! They’re there for a reason! Honestly, it’s YOUR social media feed, so damn straight you can curate the content you’re shown by controlling what you let through!

Too many people are being consumed by external influences, and when you take control of what reaches you, you’ll genuinely start to find more peace.

Fake news is real, and it’s got no business in being your business.

Manage your newsfeeds, and mindless scrolling soon becomes a thing of the past! Because even when I’m scrolling to pass the time, I’ll still likely see something that inspires me, makes me smile or makes me cry with laughter at some stupid damn meme!

I hope this makes a difference to your views on social media and how you can navigate it for a better experience. And like my friend Shana once said ‘People slag off social media like they don’t have a choice to delete it’ so if it’s really having a negative impact on you, just know it takes just a few clicks to make it disappear!

If you want to improve your timeline by having me on it, give me a follow on the gram!

Til next time people ✌

CK x

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