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Ready to level up?

I help ambitious women to level up in life, career and business

We both know you’re capable of more, that’s why you’re here! 

It’s my job to help you unleash that next level within you and tackle any self-doubt or limiting beliefs standing in your way. Via 1:1 coaching and healthy dose of no bullsh*t real talk, I will help you to become clearer on your goals as well as becoming more confident and empowered to achieve everything your heart desires.

Mini Life Reset

My 4 week short course for those who want to get started ASAP!

This is for you if:
You’re motivated to up your game but need help understanding your next move

Feel like you need a reboot to reignite that fire in your belly

Vaguely know what you want to do but want to get crystal clear in order to smash your goals

What’s included:
4 weeks of 1:1 60 min calls where we will get clear on your dreams, goals and desires, we will uncover any limiting beliefs holding you back then put a strategy in place to help you start moving the needle!

The Dream Life Project

My 8 week signature programme to enable you to shift your mindset, realise your power and start creating the life you've been dreaming of!

This is for the woman who:
Wants to push herself out of her comfort zone to create an abundant and fulfilled life

Wants to live with more passion and purpose

No longer wants to feel that pang of envy when scrolling through Instagram

Seeks more clarity on what truly sets her soul on fire

Desires a life that includes the dream home, more travel and pure freedom

What’s included:
8 weeks of 1:1 coaching delivering 6 modules and 2 recap sessions. We’ll cover Gaining Clarity, Tackling Limiting Beliefs, Creating Confidence, Money Mindset, Law of Attraction, Goal Setting & Strategy and much more!


1:1 VIP Sessions

If you want to work with me on a specific area week on week, would benefit from being accountable to someone and require more overall Life and Mindset Coaching, this is the option for you

This is for you if:
You know Coaching would be perfect for you right now and want a more bespoke approach

You require accountability, motivation and support in different areas of life

You want to work on your mindset and improve your overall life

What’s included:
6 or 12 weeks of 60 min calls. We’re able to discuss whatever feels relevant for you at that time as well as being able to benefit from various techniques such as NLP and EFT, as well as access to relevant resources to work on in your own time to aid your success!

Read more kind words from clients

  • I worked with Charlene on limiting beliefs and a desire to gain clarity in my life– from stress/anxiety through to every day productivity. Charlene is different from other coaches – immediately you’re relaxed with her style and no nonsense approach, but, for me a hugely important one, you get real outcomes that you can implement in your day to day life. I left every session feeling clearer, which is something I battle with on a day to day basis. 
    I feel like for the first time in my life I am making decisions for ME. Not what other people think I should be doing, something I’ve struggled with most of my life. Throughout my sessions with Charlene, I was challenged to think about WHY I am making the decisions I’ve made. I thought I was being indecisive and procrastinating. But I now realise I simply did not have the framework in place to help guide my thinking. 

  • I’m so glad we had the clarity call because it really gave me the push I needed – to really think about what I wanted to achieve, what was achievable and to think of a life outside of “just being mum”. It’s only been a few weeks since the call, but I already feel so much more positive and happier, having set out goals and daily habits. You’ve been great at checking in with me and you probably don’t realise how much you’ve helped. Thank you so much!

  • Charlene was very helpful and an amazing listener! I really enjoyed all my sessions with her and genuinely look forward to talking to her! She made me feel very comfortable and safe to open up and I also found her very professional. Her advice and exercises were very helpful and helped me change how I see a few things in my life. Throughout our conversations she made me realised things that I never paid attention to before.


How Does It Work?

1. Choose your Service

Review the above options and pick the one you feel most aligned to

2. Book a Call

We’ll arrange to speak to get to know each other better and discuss the services in more detail

3. Arrange your 1st session

Once everything is confirmed, we’ll get you booked in at a time convenient to you