It’s been a hot topic over the past couple of years, but do you know the difference between self-love and self-care? And do you know when you should be using them? Keep reading to get that much-needed clarity so you can start implementing it straight away! 

The Basics

There’s no escaping the self-love/self-care movement that’s been happening in recent times! It’s easy to get them confused and intertwine their meanings. Both are there to essentially improve your life, but knowing how and when to use each one can be something a lot of people haven’t quite got to grips with. 

It’s so important that we take care of ourselves and ensure our lives are well rounded, fulfilled, and serve us. Not just doing what’s expected of us. We’re living in a time where we have quick, easy access to almost anything! This has seen our generation has become quite consumed with ‘stuff’ and the materialistic pleasures in life. However, rarely do they provide true happiness and even if they do, it’s short-lived and can only be replicated by more consumerism. 

Self-love and self-care can often cost very little, if anything at all! They can also usually be available on tap when most needed. 

So let’s find out how you can use the 2 to make a huge difference in your life!


The definition of self-love is “regard for one’s well-being and happiness.” You want to ensure your own cup is full, and that what it’s full of is truly benefiting you! 

Self-love is taking care of yourself on all levels; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This can mean giving yourself compassion and grace, but also knowing when to call yourself out on your own bullshit in order to move forward! 

When it comes to the physical, this may look like getting active and eating well. It can also be knowing when to rest and not putting your body through unnecessary stress. 

From an emotional standpoint, self-love may look like feeding your mind with positive things and spending time with people who increase your vibe! It can also be having a good cry when you feel overwhelmed to release some tension. Equally, walking away from people or situations that have you questioning yourself is also healthy and sometimes essential.

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Mentally, self-love can consist of continually challenging yourself to become a better version of the person you are. However equally, it can be recognising when you’re at the point of burnout and need to cut yourself some slack. 

On a spiritual level, you may have more awareness of what you have to be grateful for in life! You start to believe in yourself and your self-worth more, and start living your life from a place of abundance. 

My most important life-lesson

One of the things I think is most important though that also falls under the self-love banner is finding self-acceptance. Dropping the constant need to compare yourself to others, feeling like you need to have achieved certain things by a certain age, and starting to celebrate your differences. You know the saying ‘No One is You and that is your Superpower’? That is something everyone could do with wholeheartedly embracing. In my own personal growth journey, THAT is what took me to a whole new level! 

I stopped with all of the external pressures to be someone I wasn’t, to fit a mould society had formed for me. I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin until I surrendered and became at peace with the person I was. 

I’m different, and I fully embrace that! Ever since I’ve started living life more authentically, things seem to fall into place a lot easier. Life finally makes sense! I’m overall happier and able to do things based on my own needs and desires. I’m no longer questioning whether it’s something I should be doing or what people might say or think about my actions (plot twist: I. Don’t. Care!).

I hope you’re starting to see how you can incorporate self-love almost daily in so many areas of life. Also how it can provide a deeper inner connection, peace, and a more grounded outlook on the world around us. 

So now that we’ve got a better insight into what self-love is, let’s look at its counterpart and what that consists of…


Self-care is more to do with physical acts and ways we can improve our mood and overall well-being. It’s key to good relationships and can help reduce anxiety. 

To make the most of self-care, it should be an active choice, rather than something you stumble upon or do when you’re feeling low. Making it a non-negotiable will keep it consistent and hopefully not a necessity in order to bring you back to a more positive place. 

We’re talking bubble baths, face masks, going to a yoga class, or a night out at your favourite restaurant! 

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It can also be cancelling those plans that you really don’t want to go to! You could take a digital detox, or go off-grid for a minute to spend some time with yourself and your thoughts. 

Self-care can also show up by doing those things that seem like chores but actually set you up for success! By this I mean things like managing your money efficiently or setting boundaries for yourself! Knowing when to take annual leave at work just for the break! It could also be putting structure in place for life to run more smoothly. Check out my post 10 Easy Ways to Make your Life Super Organised for inspo and tips!

Putting systems in place and managing your life so that you have a fair degree of control can be one of the most empowering and liberating thing you can do for yourself! Give it a go – what have you got to lose? 

Giving back is also super important and can bring so much to your life. This could be through charitable donations (currently I’m supporting Beam), mentoring or giving away your services for free. It could simply giving someone an ear to chew or a shoulder to cry on. Selfless acts shouldn’t be overlooked but also shouldn’t be done just for the potential reward. It should come from a genuine place. 

I hope this has given you a bit more clarity on self-love & self-care. Hopefully you now know how you can implement them in your life more frequently, and has provided you with some inspiration to help you get going! 

They both start with self because it’s as much about taking responsibility and ownership of yourself as it is about nurturing and looking after yourself; inside and out. 

So tell me, what did you learn from this blog and how are you going to start bringing more self-love and self-care into your life? 

Look after yourself Ladies

CK x

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