What if I told you, the life that you escape to in your daydreams could become your reality?

That gorgeous house on your Pinterest board!

That luxury holiday you see on Instagram!

The epic career that lights you up on the daily!

It could ALL be yours!

There was a time when I felt like the most I could ever achieve in my life was a possible promotion in a job that drained the life out of me…

The life I craved seemed so far out of reach for me.

It was the life ‘other people’ got to live and it wasn’t for normal people like me.

I felt like I should just accept that a 9-5 and a cheap holiday (that I’d actually really had to save for!) were the best I could do and I should be grateful.

But then I discovered more…

More opportunity! More possibility! More to life than this!

Now don’t worry…we’re not going to get all ‘woo woo’ here (well, maybe a tad but that’s for later 😉 haha) but I am going to help you realise the untapped potential inside you that’s DESPERATE to be set free!

You see, as much as it sucks to hear…you’ve probably been cock-blocking yourself from your dreams this whole time 🙊

Because deep down inside, buried under those limiting beliefs and burdens of self-doubt is all the capability that you need to make shit happen!

Think of someone who lives the life you dream of…or someone that inspires you…

Do they have magical super powers?


I thought not! But they dreamed it….then real life’d it!

And that my babe, is where the DREAM LIFE PROJECT comes in!

This is the bridge that will guide you from where you’re currently stuck…to where you want to be!

The DREAM LIFE PROJECT is my 8 week 1:1 Coaching Programme where I will help you shift your mindset, realise your power and start creating the life you’ve been dreaming of!

Imagine this time next year, your daydreams have become your reality!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

MODULE 1: Creating Clarity on your Dreams, Goals and Desires

A deep dive session getting clear on what you truly desire in your heart of hearts and what it is that will truly set your soul on fire!

MODULE 2: Eliminating Self-Doubt and Limiting Beliefs

Uncovering the subconscious deep-rooted blocks that have been holding you back and leading you to believe this life isn’t possible (plot twist: it totally is!) by reframing them with empowering beliefs and truths!

MODULE 3: Creating Confidence and Becoming Empowered

Building your personal confidence and empowering you to believe in yourself, your abilities and your potential to no longer doubt yourself or compare yourself to others!

MODULE 4: Money Mindset Makeover

Girrllll, you don’t think I’m gonna leave you high and dry when it comes to that monaaayyy do you?! In this module we are going to reframe your mindset to understand and believe that having true wealth and abundance is totally within your reach and to become a vibrational match for it!

MODULE 5: Law of Attraction workshop

Taking you through co-creation with the Universe and how to actually use methods such as vision boards, affirmations, inspired action, visualisation, journaling and my favourite books to help you on your journey!

MODULE 6: Goal Setting and Strategy

Now you have crystal clear clarity on your dream life and the confidence & belief to make it your reality, we will put some goals in place and a strategy to help you reach your desires!


You will have full access to me directly via Voxer to discuss any breakthroughs!

2x 1 hour Reflection Sessions to discuss your progress or anything that has come up between sessions!

This is for the woman who:

  • Wants to push herself out of her comfort zone to create an abundant and fulfilled life!
  • Wants to live with more purpose and passion!
  • No longer wants to feel that pang of envy when scrolling through Instagram!
  • Knows what they want to do with their life but just doesn’t know how to get there!
  • Desires a life that includes the dream home, more travel and pure freedom!
  • Wants to elevate her career and become the powerhouse she knows she’s capable of being!
  • Wants to drop the limit beliefs and self-doubt and become a Confident, Empowered Queen!
  • Needs clarity on what truly sets her soul on fire and what goals light her up!
What do you get?
  • 8x 1:1 sessions with me
  • Tasks and exercises to complete between sessions
  • Regular access on Voxer (messaging app) to share any breakthroughs or ask for support
  • On-going support for 90 days after the programme ends
What you actually get!
  • A cheerleader helping you become the Ultimate Version of yourself
  • The confidence to become your most authentic self
  • A stronger mindset to achieve EVERYTHING you know you’re capable of
  • A better relationship with money and a wealth mindset
  • A mentor who has your back and genuinely wants to see you thrive

Sound Good?!

When I invested in my first Coach when I was 27, I had NO idea what to expect!

I’d never done anything like it before but I just knew I had to do something to get my life to a better place!

Honestly babe, those sessions changed my life and I’ve not been the same person since!

My life has continually got better!

I’ve continually become happier!

And I now continue to work on myself and my mindset to achieve everything I thought I never could!

So if you’re ready to up-level and create the most epic life for yourself, then book in your short discovery call so we can talk through it all and let’s get the ball rolling, or if you’d prefer, DM me on Instagram and let’s chat on there!

I’m so excited to start this journey with you! x

Hannah, Full Time Mum

I’m so glad we had the clarity call because it really gave me the push I needed – to really think about what I wanted to achieve, what was achievable and to think of a life outside of “just being mum”. It’s only been a few weeks since the call, but I already feel so much more positive and happier, having set out goals and daily habits. You’ve been great at checking in with me and you probably don’t realise how much you’ve helped. Thank you so much!

Sian, Multiple Business Owner

Charlene’s coaching has helped me in a way no testimonial can really ever cover – but I’ll do my best. 
I worked with Charlene on limiting beliefs and a desire to gain clarity in my life– from stress/anxiety through to every day productivity. Charlene is different from other coaches – immediately you’re relaxed with her style and no nonsense approach, but, for me a hugely important one, you get real outcomes that you can implement in your day to day life. I left every session feeling clearer, which is something I battle with on a day to day basis. 
I feel like for the first time in my life I am making decisions for ME. Not what other people think I should be doing, something I’ve struggled with most of my life. Throughout my sessions with Charlene, I was challenged to think about WHY I am making the decisions I’ve made. I thought I was being indecisive and procrastinating. But I now realise I simply did not have the framework in place to help guide my thinking.The work around my limiting beliefs was instrumental not just for those big life decisions, but as a way of ‘sense checking’ in every day life! I would wholeheartedly recommend Charlene to anyone looking for some guidance and clarification.Thank you Charlene, I came out of our sessions feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders! I feel like I am going to break a huge barrier, one that not only impacts on work life but my personal life too.
There really aren’t enough words to tell you how grateful I am for my sessions with you. 

Kristal, Grief Mindset Coach

Charlene was very helpful and an amazing listener! I really enjoyed all my sessions with her and genuinely looking forward talking to her! She made me feel very comfortable and safe to open up and also found her very professional.
Her advices and exercises were very helpful and helped me change how I see few things in my life.
Throughout our conversations she made me realised things that I never pay attention before.