• 5 reasons why you should have a Side Hustle!

    It wasn’t that long ago when we were singing auld lang syne, glass of prosecco in hand, making a cheers to 2020 with all the belief it was about to be our best year yet! 

    We were gonna go to the most instagrammable holiday destinations, buy our dream homes, and thrive in our careers like never before!

    Yeah…about that 🙃🙃🙃

    So here we are, 6 months in to the year, wondering how we can turn this shit around and still absolutely smash our 2020 goals!

    One thing I’d highly recommend to make that happen, is to get involved in a Side Hustle!

    Pretty much since I started working, I’ve had some sort of side gig going. Whether it was selling candles, having my own photography business or being part of an MLM business, I’ve always believed in giving myself opportunities to have something of my own and earning an additional income. 

    And I’m not the only one!

    1 in 4 people in the UK has some sort of Side Hustle on the go. It tackles the on-going problem of feeling underwhelmed and under-financed in your 9-5!

    With the internet at our fingertips, we can launch a business, or learn a new trade at the click of a button! It’s legit never been easier and you don’t necessarily need to make a huge financial investment to get started!

    So here are 5 reasons why I’ll always be a huge fan of the Side Hustle:

    1. You can build your ‘Plan B’!

    There hasn’t been a more relevant time in our history to have a back-up plan than now! This week alone British Gas, Heathrow Airport, Centrica, Johnson Mathey, Lufthansa & Grant Thornton all talked about redundancies totalling over 40,000 people possibly out of work in the not too distant future. 

    Having a Side Hustle allows you to have an additional stream of income to either help out financially, or with the possibility of replacing your full time income. 

    Times are ever changing and it’s so beneficial to have options should you ever need to utilise them.

    2. You can do something you’re truly passionate about!

    Don’t get me wrong, some Side Hustles are purely built out of financial gain – which is totally fine but it may take the route of something you’re not exactly buzzing about however provides good financial returns. 

    On the other hand, your Side Hustle can be the opportunity to turn your passion project into a fully fledged business! The chance to become the CEO of your dreams! 

    Something that was once a hobby or interest, has the potential to become the catapult that drives you to success and fulfilment! Just imagine that for a second…

    (I’ll wait…)

    How EPIC does that feel? To do something you love, on your own terms! 

    It is absolutely possible with a Side Hustle! You just need to take the first step!

    3. You get the chance to learn new skills!

    In every Side Hustle I’ve had, I’ve learnt something new. FACT!

    Since launching this blog for example, I’ve had to get my head around building a website, SEO, marketing, social media, affiliate marketing and so much more! It’s all been so interesting as well as teaching me so many things that I can either use in my full-time job, or in other areas of life! 

    I’ve always had an interest in Marketing so I’ve genuinely enjoyed getting to learn and apply it! 

    Whilst in my MLM business though, I learnt so much more about Personal Development than I had done previously! It was always something I’d had an interest in but it was here that I took it to another level. 

    Expanding your skillset in this day and age is just a no-brainer! Roles are changing and adapting and the more strings you have to your bow, the better prepared you are for the evolution of work. 

    4. You can increase your self-confidence!

    When I started this blog, I had NO idea how to do any of the things! I’d never built a website, never keyword searched, never had to market a product…nothing! 

    I’d also never put myself out there in the way that I am now and hell yeah, I was scared of judgement! Especially from those who knew me! The strangers could do one tbh 😂

    But I took the leap! On something I’d been putting off for about 3 years! And I can honestly say this has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done and has taught me I can do anything I put my mind to! 

    What I didn’t know, I’ve learnt. I’ve utilised the abundance of free and paid-for resources out there and day by day, I’m doing everything I can to achieve my goals. 

    I truly believe so many people out there have the potential to become the best version of themselves if they’re willing to be vulnerable for a second and just be brave enough to suck at something new! 

    Girl on navy sofa with laptop wearing leopard print shoes

    5. You get to meet like-minded people!

    Theres no better way to meet people on the same hype as you, than to really build and develop something in an area that gets you buzzing! 

    Most of those closest to me, I met through one of my Side Hustles and I couldn’t be more grateful! They’re people who I have similar interests to, can talk about the struggles as well as the successes with and also learn from and grow with!

    Meeting people you vibe with only gets more difficult as you get older and a Side Hustle is a great way to connect with others who ‘get it’! Plus #NoNewFriends is sooooo last century!! 

    So those are some of the reasons I feel a Side Hustle can be super beneficial. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! 

    The possibilities are endless and the opportunity to replace your full-time income and become a fully-fledged business owner with total control over your life is completely possible (yep, you can wake up at 10 am, or go to the gym in the middle of the day if you like 😉).

    So what are you waiting for? What will your Side Hustle be…?

    Let me know!

    CK x

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