I’m Charlene, or you can call me CK! 

I’m a Mindset and Clarity Coach based in Essex, UK.

I genuinely feel like Coaching was my true calling in life! I’ve always been inquisitive and asked deep, thought provoking questions kinda naturally! Alongside that, I personally feel like I’ve always given great advice!

But it was my Personal Development journey that led me to this point and I am SO glad to have finally arrived.

I spent years never feeling worthy, not understanding my purpose in life and always being mad at the world. I was angry for being dealt a ‘tough hand’ (or so it felt) and for a while, believed I was cursed! 

I didn’t feel like I was progressing in life and that I was living in some kind of Groundhog day!

Until…I worked with a Life Coach! Long story short, my life changed from there. I began a complete 360 of my ‘old’ life and became a more positive, optimistic and passionate person! 

Since then, personal development has become my ‘jam’! I’m OBSESSED with it and continue to grow and evolve on the daily because of it!

Which has led me here! I’ve decided to use my journey and experiences to help others! My aim is to guide women through life’s phases, allowing you to move to the next stage in your journey. By helping you to break free from self-doubt and limiting beliefs through rewiring your mindset, I will work with you to become the most confident, aligned and passionate version of yourself!

I absolutely love working with women who feel like I used to! Whether you’re an employee, business owner, SAHM, Dog Mom…whatever! 

If you feel lost, stuck, or at a crossroads in life…I can help!

If your life feels unfulfilled and your craving more…I can help!

If you know you’re capable of achieving so much more but just don’t know where to start…guess what…yep, I can help!

Put it this way ladies; if you’re in a funk of any sort and want some help to get through it, then we need to talk! 

Aside from coaching, I’m low key obsessed with YouTube, loves me a glass of prosecco and always up for a bottomless brunch or ‘dinner and drinks’!

I absolutely love connecting with you all so get in touch with me through my contact page or Insta DM’s and let’s chat!

CK x