About ME

I'm Charlene, a Mindset & Empowerment Coach for ambitious women

I’m a certified Life Coach from Essex who loves steak and lobster, drinks ways too much prosecco and is low-key obsessed with Keeping up with the Kardashians (anyone else just have it on in the background all the time?!).

My core focus is to help women who KNOW they’re capable of more, work towards achieving that next step and levelling up in life, career and business. 

After working with Coaches myself and seeing incredible transformations in my mindset, views on the world and understanding of my own abilities, I decided I wanted to pay it forward to help other like-minded women achieve the same!

I’ve come across too many badass women in my time who have SO MUCH potential but due to lack of confidence, societal bullsh*t holding them back or just a lack of understanding of HOW to move forward, have let it go to waste whilst remaining unfulfilled; not living a life that lights them up every single day!

So I’ve made it my mission to impact as many women as possible to be able to do be, do or have what they believed was out of their reach! Tell me, will you be one of them?!

In order to grow, we need to know what's holding us back

So that’s why a big part of my coaching is around working on your self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Together, we’ll get right down to the core of these blocks, understand how they’ve been showing up in your day to day and then replace them with new empowering beliefs to help you thrive moving forward!

My core pillars


I aim to help you truly understand what your goals and desires are, your passions and purpose, and what lights you up

Limiting Beliefs

Together we’ll wipe out all those blocks that have been holding you back so you can thrive and achieve your dreams


It’s important that we increase your self-belief and confidence in order to grow so helping you become the most empowered version of you is key


All the gear and no idea is not my vibe girl! Before we finish working together, we’ll create a plan to help you continue to move forward to achieve your goals

We can either watch other people live the life that we crave...or we can actually make it happen!

How Can i help you?


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