I’ve always felt there was something to be said about being organised in life, but for so many years, I was an ‘everything everywhere’ kinda gal! 

I straight up THRIVE off of routine and organisation but actually implementing it was always a different matter! 

Organisation is a lazy persons saviour because it allows you to run on auto-pilot more frequently meaning less need to engage the brain! However, this also means you can create space in your brain for other things. 

What I’ve found, through getting my shiz in order, it’s allowed me to spend more of my focus and energy on tasks that need it. I can let day to day life run itself, and then still have the mental capacity for growing my business and working on myself. It also means I’m more mentally capable of dealing with anything unexpected decides it’s going to make it’s way into my life!

Over the years, I’ve spent the time implementing processes that have got me to a place where I feel semi in control of my actual life (catch me on a bad day and we’re straight back to that everything everywhere style of existence!). 

I know where things are, where I’m meant to be at any given point and whats on the menu each night! 

So let me take you through 10 ways you too can jump on the organisation train…

1. Keep a to-do list

Sounds basic right?! But hear me out…! Each day, I’ll write down all of the tasks that need to be completed that day; from the most menial of things right through to the big projects! I’d list things like making a restaurant reservation, changing the water filter, paying my credit card, downloading a new book for the commute, collecting my prescription….you get my drift! No matter if it’s the smallest thing, write it down so that you don’t forget, and then take great pleasure in ticking it off once it’s done! 

2. Meal Plan

This has been an absolute game changer for me when it comes to being organised! Deciding what I’m going to eat every night is LONG! No two ways about it! I hate thinking about it and now I’m home more, I feel like I’m thinking about it even more! So meal planning helps me to shop better and takes away the daily decision making fatigue! 

Once a week, I’ll sit down and plan out my meals for the week ahead (lunch and dinner). I try to cook a couple of meals that I can do in bulk so I don’t have to cook every night and a few quick easy meals for those evenings when I have things to do.

I then use this to build my shopping list so that when I go to Sainsburys, I literally know exactly what I need to buy and can be in and out quick sharp! It saves me a ton of money as I’m only buying what I need week on week AND it means I’m wasting less food so a double win!

I have a meal planner pad that I use similar to this one which just lives on my fridge as a handy reminder!

3. Declutter your desktop and mobile

How much does it hurt your brain to look at your screens?! Do you have a million apps on your phone and tons of random documents scattered all over your desktop?! Then girl, they gotta go! 

On your phone, go through the apps you don’t actually need or use and delete them. Then organise your apps in to folders (social media, shopping, food, finances etc.) so similar apps are grouped together. Then do the same for your desktop, delete the unnecessary and create folders for the rest. 

4. File your paperwork

Whether we like it or not, no matter how many times we tell companies to email us, they still insist on sending certain things out in the post (yeah, cheers mate – that’s all that I need, more STUFF!). In all honesty, most of it goes straight in to the recycling bin but the things that do need to be kept, I keep in an expanding file with each section holding similar paperwork (work related, flat related, car related etc.). I know it’s not the sexiest thing in the world but if it helps, it’s totally worth it!

5. Work to a Budget

Feeling organised about your money is one of the most liberating things you can do – trust me!

I’ve gone from £25K+ debt to living within my means and I can assure you that knowing what’s going on with my finances makes me feel invincible!

I’ve talked about my Boujee Budget technique in a previous post which you can check out here but there also also lots of different budgeting techniques that you can try depending on what works best for you.

6. Utilise Tools

I recently discovered Notion and I think it’s probably one of the greatest inventions to ever grace my life! No, genuinely! Muchelleb done a YouTube video on it and I’ve been full on obsessed ever since! Her video gives some insight as to how to utilise it to get organised in both life and work, and in the show notes are some of her templates which I used to get mine off the ground! 

I keep everything in Notion now; my daily tasks, shopping list, a page just for random thoughts on the go, my blog schedule, anything I need to buy…literally, it’s my one stop shop for almost everything these days! If you’re more of an online person than paper, this could work really well for you!

7. Schedule regular appointments & use a calendar

OK, so technically this is 2 but I think they align sooooo 🤷🏽‍♀️

I bloody hate calling places to make an appointment! They usually struggle with my name (yeah, honestly) and then I’ll forget the time and date confirmed anyway – oops! So for anything I do regularly, I try to always have at least the next one booked. With my nails, I’m booked in every three weeks for eternity! I NEVER have to book an appointment with them as it’s just already confirmed! Hair and beauty I tend to book the next one before I leave. But remembering to call is half the battle, the other half is getting someone to answer the phone when you find a spare minute to actually make that call! Book them in advance girls, you’ll thank yourself later! 

Then make sure everything’s in your calendar. Appointments, birthdays, social plans…use the calendar on your phone! It gets rid of that whole ‘I’m sure I have something on this weekend but I can’t remember what?’ situation because really and truly, there’s no need when your calendars in your pocket desperate to help you live your best organised life!

8. Organise your inbox

Hands up, cards on the table – I only really apply this to my work emails more so than my personal but it definitely makes a difference! Create folders to basically hold EVERYTHING – the aim is for your inbox to work as a ‘to-do list’. The only thing you want in your inbox are emails that need to be actioned, everything else needs a home! I can’t advise what these folders should be as everyone will be so different but for example with my work; I have a generic ‘Sales’ folder which has all of my generic comms in with clients or the team. Then I have sub-folders within that for Deals, Leads, Products and one for Management. For anything that doesn’t have a home, I have a Misc. folder!

9. Morning routine

I shared my morning routine recently on Instagram but I like to keep it super simple:

– No snoozing the alarm!

– Shower & brush my teeth

– Put YouTube on (personal development or something motivational)

– Get dressed, do my hair and make up

– 5 minutes (minimum) visualisation

– Complete my Vibe and Flow journal

– Check my emails and social media

I legit do all of this on auto-pilot which works well for me as I’m not much of a morning person! It sets my day up nicely though as I know everything I need to do and my mornings run like clockwork….most of the time 😉

10. Make the Time!

You’re probably looking at all of that and thinking there is NO way you have time to do it all! But as I said at the beginning, these are things I have put in place over time. It’s not all going to run like a well-oiled machine from the get-go, but putting time in place to get all of your systems and processes set up will get you well on your way to being super organised!

Most things will need tweaking  as you start utilising them more often as you’ll establish what works for you and what doesn’t. Then, you get to enjoy switching the brain off for most of the day like I do! 

So those are my 10 ways make your life more organised! Let me know in the comments which ones you’ll be trying out or any tips you’d like to share! 

Embrace the freedom my fellow organised huns!

CK x

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